Dzi Bead 21 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The 21-eye Dzi bead is one of the most powerful Tibetan talismans. This bead enhances the energy and magical potential of the person who possesses it. It increases the physical and spiritual strength of a person, raising them to the highest level. Also, the 21-eyed Dzi bead enhances all the characteristics and strength of the other "big-eyed" Tibetan Dzi beads.

Life applying

Bead Dzi 21 eyes enhances your natural magical power and helps to realize your intentions to the fullest. Therefore, its application requires a clearly defined goal. You must know exactly what you want and what you should get when you reach your goal.

This Tibetan talisman helps to materialize desires, strengthens influence and reputation. On the way to the goal, this bead helps to clear all possible obstacles and ensures its smooth achievement.

In addition, the 21-eyed Dzi bead increases the ability to restore the vital functions of the body and give new life. Therefore, it is good for conceiving a child and helps in recovering from illnesses and injuries.

Application for spiritual growth

Due to the ability of Dzi 21 beads to strengthen a person’s spiritual strength, it is widely used for spiritual self-improvement. It helps its owner achieve high levels of concentration in meditation and prayer. With this bead one can achieve the most profound meditative states. Constantly working on yourself, you can learn the divine essence of this world, while remaining still in the physical body.

A person wearing this bead to strengthen his spiritual abilities must be pure in heart and mind. Only to such people, the power of 21 eyes of Dzi is fully revealed. It enables its owner not only to rise to high states of being, but also to help other people in this.

The 21-eye Dzi bead is about the same level of influence and popularity as the Tibetan 9-eye Dzi bead. In order to reach the state of enlightenment or your goals faster, you can wear these two beads at the same time. Moreover, the 21-eyed Dzi bead will enhance the characteristics of the 9 Dzi eye and their combined strength will be greater than if they were carried separately.


The Dzi bead of 21 eyes allows you to achieve high levels both in ordinary earthly life and in spiritual growth. This powerful Dzi is suitable for those who are vocation leaders. She is good for the leadership of corporations and army generals. Perfect for directors of enterprises, schools, leaders of social movements and all those who strive to become a leader in a certain area of ​​activity.

Dzi 21-eyed bead ensures smooth success in all your endeavors. Just think what you want, take this bead, add those beads that also belong to your life goal and take action. This bead will increase the flow of energy in your chosen direction and your goal will be achieved much faster and easier.

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