Dzi Bead 2 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi bead 2 eyes is a talisman for those who are looking for love, their soul mate to create a family or want to strengthen their marriage. The two-eyed bead of Dzi helps create a happy and harmonious marriage and improves family relationships. In addition, it ensures the achievement of life goals and makes a person more wise.

Basically, this Tibetan bead is worn by those people who seek to find marital harmony and family happiness. If you want to create a happy family, find stability and peace of mind in a marital relationship, and also build good relationships with others, then the Tibetan bead Dzi 2 eyes is the best option for this.

Two-eyed Dzi bead as yin yang concept

The two-eyed bead of Dzi personifies one of the most global foundations of this universe - the harmonious existence of a dual world around us or the Yin-Yang concept. Our world is dual or dual, the concept of Yin and Yang reflects all the relationships in this world. Ideally, all these relationships should be balanced, harmonious and complement each other, and not counteract.

  • The concept of Yang is represented by light or day, activity, movement, rigidity and strength. This is male energy.

  • The concept of Yin symbolizes darkness, softness, flexibility, stationary energy, silence. This is female energy.

A Dzi bead of 2 eyes serves to create a balance between these two energies. It balances them and improves stability. This is especially significant for creating harmony in family relationships. Also, this bead helps to create the proper balance between the thought and action of a person, which provides the most favorable way to achieve his career goals. Moreover, this balance is expressed in wiser decisions and actions that lead to the goal.

Popularity in Tibet

The 2-eyed Dzi is very popular in Tibet, as Tibetans believe that the essence of the Bodhisattva is embodied in this Dzi (a creature that consciously incarnates on Earth to help everyone to live on it to get out of the chain of rebirth and achieve Enlightenment). Bodhisattva's help people get out of the suffering of this world and free themselves from all negative karma.

The significance of the Tibetan bead Dzi 2 eyes reflects the very nature of the Bodhisattva. It helps to get out of the contradictions of this dual world and achieve unity. This property is manifested not only in the harmonization of relations between men and women, but also in other earthly affairs. Therefore, the bead of 2 eyes of Dzi regulates the relationship between people and even between his own mind and its manifestations in life, expressed in our actions. This is precisely the quality of wisdom that this Dzi bead gives, creating an optimal balance between our aspirations, emotions and judiciousness.

How to wear a Dzi bead 2 eyes

Based on the above, Dzi 2 eye bead is widely used in the following cases:

  • To find love and create a family

  • To maintain good marital relations

  • To improve relationships with others

  • To resolve any conflict situations peacefully

  • To harmonize friendly and working relationships

  • To become more wise

  • To harmonize your life in all its aspects and gain stability and balance

To start a new relationship, they recommend wearing a two-eyed Dzi bead for 2 weeks without a break. It may take more time. The creation and development of harmonious relations is one of the most difficult life goals.

If you already have a family and any disagreements have arisen, then a Dzi bead 2 eyes will help in this case. Wear it periodically to improve your relationship. It helps to wake up sleepy feelings, warm up former passion, harmonize male and female energy and bring balance and stability to family relationships.

For other tasks, this bead is well suited both by itself and complete with other beads that help in one or another aspect of life. Even if your main goal is to create a family, then for its implementation you may need to strengthen some of your qualities. Pay attention to those Tibetan Dzi beads that will help you with this.

Remember that Tibetan beads Dzi only help in certain moments of life. But we are all unique and each has its own destiny. Therefore, if you have any problem or have a goal in life, then Dzi beads will be a good helper in this. You may need to work on yourself to achieve what you want, but the help that Tibetan Dzi beads give us is a good help in life and a good guide.

Dzi Bead 2 eyes is one of the main beads used to create and maintain good relationships. Therefore, if you have such a task, then take it in the form of a pendant, bracelet or necklace. It is beautiful and will help you find harmony.

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