Dharma Hat Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi bead Dharma hat is a spiritual talisman. All the problems that we experience in life originate in ignorance. And the way to eliminate illiteracy is the practice of Dharma. By practicing the Dharma and wearing the Dzi cap of Dharma, you find a good way to improve our human life in all its aspects.

What is Dharma?

From Sanskrit in the word "Dharma" there is a root "Dhri", which means "to keep, to support." And this word means "that what is established or adamant", the law.

Dharma is what regulates the process of change, but does not participate in them. This is a principle that remains unchanged. The word "dharma" in Buddhism means cosmic law and order. This word also refers to the teachings of Buddha. This is a teaching and practical methods, applying which a person begins to realize how the world really works.

In Hinduism, dharma is understood as an organizing principle that is applied by a person in his relations with other people, with nature, as well as with inanimate objects. This relationship is with the whole cosmos and its individual parts. This refers to the observance of order, norms and rules to maintain harmony in the world.

Dharma is a striving aimed at fulfilling one's true destiny in life. In Hinduism, dharma, bees make honey, cows give milk, suns give off light, rivers flow. Dharma determines the characteristics of human behavior that are necessary to maintain order in the universe. The principles laid down in it prevent chaos and lead to harmony in all areas of existence.

Description of Dzi Dharma Beads and its Application

The pattern on the Dzi bead of the Dharma hat has an irregular heart shape. There is a small hook inside it. The 6 magic caps on this bead, or other simplified cap designs on this Dzi, are symbols of sacred protection. By wearing this bead, its owner gains protection from suffering and problems.

Practicing the teachings of Buddha, a person begins to learn the structure of this world, learns his place in it and his purpose. All problems that arise due to ignorance of the laws of this world and world order go away with the practice of Dharma. This leads to a more conscious and happy life. The Dzi bead cap of the Dharma also protects from dangerous creatures and essences of the invisible world. It saves a personโ€™s life and health from possible attacks of ghosts and demonic entities. It protects against accidents and increases the concentration of attention of its owner.

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The Dzi bead hat of Dharma is very useful for those who follow the path of spiritual understanding of the world and self-improvement. It helps to integrate into a harmonious stream of life and fulfill its destiny.

On this path, Dzi will protect you from the aggressive entities of the invisible world, help to avoid troubles and accidents, increase concentration and attention. Wear this bead. She will help to live a more harmonious and happy life.

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