Fortune Wave Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi Wave bead symbolizes running water. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, water is an inexhaustible source of money, our emotional sphere and subconscious. Dzi wave helps its owner to achieve material well-being and stabilize the emotional sphere of life.

Description and meaning of Dzi wave

On a Dzi bead, a wave usually has a pattern of two or three wavy lines, separated by straight lines. There may be many variations of the drawings, but the wavy lines that symbolize the flowing water are necessarily present.

Water is a powerful source of energy, which is manifested in this Dzi in the form of assistance in the accumulation of wealth, stabilization and improvement of the human inner world. Consider the meaning of Dzi wave in more detail.

Disclosure of the human emotional sphere

We are used to trying not to show our emotions, as this is not accepted in society. By suppressing our emotions in this way, we harm ourselves. It is as if we are collecting negative energy within ourselves, which accumulates and remains in us. This is manifested in depressive states, outbursts of anger, a depressed and woeful state, diseases, and many other equally unpleasant images. But the basis of all this is our suppressed emotions from some negative moments of our past.

The Dzi wave bead helps to unlock these stuck emotions. It helps to understand and overcome emotional outbursts and overcome depression. The owner of this Dzi will be better able to manage their emotions, not allowing them to negatively affect their lives. On the contrary, negative emotions are transformed into vital energy, which helps a person to live well and achieve their goals.

Acquisition of wealth and wealth

The flowing water, expressed in the figure of a Dzi wave bead, gives an inexhaustible source of wealth and prosperity. It gives energy and confidence to overcome all obstacles. It symbolizes flexibility, stability in difficult situations, smooths sharp corners, protects and symbolizes a constant stream of luck.

If you wear this Dzi wave in a bracelet, it is best to wear it on your right hand. In this position, the effect of energizing wealth will be especially strong. If you are faced with the task of improving your well-being, then besides wearing this Dzi, use the services of a Feng Shui specialist and activate wealth zones in your home and at work. In this case, the effects of wearing this Dzi and harmonized on the richness of space reinforce each other.


The Dzi wave bead is an excellent tool for regulating our internal emotional energy flows in order to become more stable, energetic and successful in life. This Dzi helps to get out of difficult emotional situations in life associated with the loss of relatives, loved ones and other serious emotional injuries.

In addition to the emotional sphere, this Dzi helps to organize the receipt of material goods from sources that are available to us at a given time. Wear a Dzi wave, become more stable, wealthier and happier!

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