Dzi Bead 17 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Bead Dzi 17 eyes increases his own self-esteem and helps to gain self-confidence and self-confidence. Often we see the world as we are forced to see other people. And very dependent on the opinions of other people. And this is fraught with the fact that we just lose ourselves. This 17-eyed Dzi bead helps us regain our true vision of the world.

This Tibetan talisman helps us find not only the correct vision of the world, but also to see ourselves. A person begins to evaluate himself, and not take someone else's grades. After such an identification with the opinions of other people, a transformation of personality occurs.

Such a person begins to behave as he sees fit. Now he is not a puppet of someone else's opinions and wishes. He becomes what he is in essence. And the surrounding people begin to see him different. More confident, strong, capable of correct assessments and making true judgments.

Dzi 17-eye bead also helps curb your ego. This Dzi helps prevent pride and exaltation over other people. Improves self-control and keeps its owner from uncontrolled outbursts of emotions.

Practical use

Bead Dzi 17 eyes is suitable for those people who want to see the world in true light. It helps to see the correct patterns and phenomena. And, knowing the true state of things, such a person draws the right conclusions, poses the right tasks, and can more easily achieve his goals.

This Dzi also protects a person from the negative influence of other people. Therefore, wearing 17 eyes with Dzi will help you better understand people and determine who they really are and with what intentions they come into your life. Thus, this amulet protects our "I" from outside interference.


Bead Dzi 17 eyes protects from alien influence on our consciousness and opens up the world to us as it really is. It protects us from pride and helps to gain confidence in ourselves and tomorrow. It helps to see who we really are. Dzi 17-eyed bead is a great helper to find your true self.

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