Dzi Bead 13 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Bead Dzi 13 eyes will help to establish communication in all its diverse manifestations. It helps to get rid of the fear of public speaking. Wearing it gives confidence in conversations and debates with other people, both in private conversation and in large crowds. In addition, the 13-eyed bead Dzi helps to communicate with the spiritual world and the creatures that inhabit it.

Mystical Properties 13 Eye Dzi Beads

The 13-eyed bead of Dzi helps to establish communication with the souls of the dead, our ancestors from the family tree and other creatures from different dimensions and realities. It helps contactors communicate with representatives of other worlds and planets. Wearing this bead helps to establish dialogue with alien creatures more easily and simply.

Bead Dzi 13 eyes helps those who practice outside bodily travel. With her, communication with creatures encountered on such journeys is easier and it is easier to get in touch with them and understand them. She also contributes to the practice of thanatotherapy - to comprehend the experience of experiencing death.

This bead helps to see more clearly the karmic problems of a person and helps to overcome them. With proper work on oneself, it contributes to obtaining the highest state of reincarnation - achieving the ultimate goal in the chain of existence of nirvana and enlightenment.

What do the β€œeyes” (circles) on this bead mean?

The 13-eye Dzi bead is filled with the blessing of 5 Dhyani Buddhas, which are represented by 5 circles on one side of the bead. In the center is a circle representing the Amitabha Buddha. The remaining 4 Buddhas - Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava and Amoghasiddhi, are located around it. They help in the spiritual transformation of man and heal the soul and body.

On the other side of the beads, you can see another 8 circles that represent 8 precious symbols of Tibet. These symbols harmonize the inner world of a person and help to resolve all everyday affairs. The qualities of these symbols are represented in the 8 eye Dzi 8-eye bead. You will find a detailed description of them on the page dedicated to the 8-eye Dzi bead.


Communication is something without which existence in any of the worlds is impossible. Bead Dzi 13 eyes helps to improve communication both in the ordinary world with people, and in the spiritual worlds with the souls of ancestors, various other entities and alien creatures. It helps with all forms of communication and expression and contributes to a better understanding of the world.

This bead protects from misfortune. It can nourish its owner with strength and helps revitalize the body, giving a sense of integrity and mental calm. The body and mind come into a balanced, harmonious state. This Dzi makes it easier to work with karma and helps to achieve enlightenment and exit from the endless cycle of deaths and births.

Bead Dzi 13 eyes is well suited both for the purposes of ordinary life, and for those who follow the path of spiritual development. Its action is manifested easily and harmoniously. It expands our ability to know the world and leads to complete spiritual freedom. Wear this bead and fulfill your spiritual goals and dreams.

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