Treasure Vase or Longevity Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi bead nectar vessel of plenty contributes to the enrichment of its owner, improves the quality of life and protects against possible losses. Dzi fertility vessel provides safety and prevents misfortune. It improves health and prolongs life. Therefore, it is also called Dzi longevity.

Dzi nectar vessel of plenty helps its owner increase his income. This Dzi has the power to eradicate sadness and suffering. The Dzi fertility vessel attracts luck and helps its owner make money and become richer and healthier.

The picture, depicted on a Dzi bead, a nectar vessel of plenty, personifies one of the auspicious symbols of Buddhism - a precious vase. Consider this Buddhist symbol in more detail.

Precious vase

A precious vase or vessel of plenty is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The precious vase symbolizes spiritual and material wealth, abundance and happiness. Its symbolic meaning is almost always associated with the accumulation and satisfaction of material wealth. In many cultures, there is a similar concept of an inexhaustible vessel that provides wealth.

There are two aspects to the operation of this precious vase of plenty - external and internal. The external aspect is expressed in the filling of this vase with various valuable substances: gold, silver, jade, amethyst, lapis lazuli, agate, onyx, pearls, crystal and turquoise. It may also contain food in the form of grains of rice, peas, lentils, etc. The vase is filled to the brim. And if something is taken out of it, then it is filled again.

The inner nature of the precious vase of plenty is the heavenly palace in which, along with other Bodhisattva beings of compassion and the supreme god of wealth, live. This secret aspect of the vessel of plenty makes the owner of such a vase content and happy. Also, this vase helps protect against all kinds of evil and brings good to the life of its owner.

In order to attract wealth into their home, vases of plenty filled with precious and sacred substances are usually placed on the altars. Also, such vases can be buried on mountain passes, under flowing water, or simply somewhere in the area of ​​your home. The presence of such a talisman attracts wealth and at the same time does not violate harmony with the world. In relation to Buddhism, this means the spiritual abundance of the Buddha. These are inexhaustible treasures, the number of which does not decrease, no matter how much he gives them to people.

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Description and use of Dzi nectar beads

On a Dzi bead a nectar vessel of plenty is drawn a vessel in the form of a heart with a cross extending from it. In the vessel itself, quite often, an image in the form of a heart is also drawn. It turns out two hearts embedded in each other. Such Dzi longevity can prevent the occurrence of disease. There are beads with one vessel of the heart.

Dzi bead nectar vessel of plenty prevents death from accidents, improves the strengths of the individual and helps its owner to achieve wealth and longevity. Dzi a vessel of plenty contributes to the acquisition of those things that delight the eye and soul. Thanks to the Dzi of plenty, you can find “milk rivers and jelly banks,” that is, get into a country of plenty.

All the things you only dreamed about could be yours if you have a Dzi bead of nectar-filled abundance. This Tibetan talisman helps to open doors previously closed for you and makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Dzi bead of longevity provides good health and helps to develop charisma, which helps to influence people and achieve a good position in society.


Carrying a Dzi nectar vessel of plenty provides the best safety of its owner, prevents misfortunes and improves virtues. Dzi abundance improves the quality of life, protects against loss and gives harmony in life. It contributes to enrichment and prosperity.

Dzi longevity helps to find good health and promotes longevity. This is a very good Dzi for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to have it in your set of Tibetan beads Dzi. It is also a great gift for friends and family.

We all want to become healthier, wealthier and live longer. Dzi fertility vessel helps with this. Wear this Tibetan mascot and become more successful and happy!

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