Swastika or Hotu Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi swastika bead, or Hotu Dzi, is an ancient symbol that personifies the light of Buddha, shining from all sides. Hotu Dzi represents the law of the universe and all its aspects. She helps in the study of this universal law and protects the bead owner in court cases and other legal matters.

If the owner of Dzi swastika is in harmony with his bead and knows how to listen to her prompts, then this Dzi helps protect his master from getting into bad situations and adverse places. This helps to avoid cases that may require legal proceedings and legal assistance.

Due to the ability of Hotu Dzi to help its owner live in accordance with the laws of the Universe, wearing this Dzi promotes good luck, family well-being and longevity. Bead Dzi swastika also helps to fulfill wishes, brings peace and health to its owner.

The meaning of the swastika symbol

The symbol of the swastika has been used for about 12,000 years and is found in almost all human civilizations. It symbolizes luck, prosperity, protection, the movement of life and the sun. In different cultures, its meaning is slightly different, but in general it is a favorable symbol that carries good, life and light.

In Sanskrit, the word "swastika" is translated as "good luck, good, good" and "eat, be." It is depicted as a cross with ends bent usually at right angles. There is a left-handed swastika, when the ends of the cross are turned to the left side and right-handed with curved ends clockwise.

The left swastika corresponds to the course of the Sun across the horizon, and in the Slavic tradition such a swastika means good. The right swastika, goes against the movement of the Sun, respectively, and against life, and is an unkind sign.

It should be noted that on the Dzi beads “Swastika” this symbol is depicted turning left, which in accordance with the Slavic tradition means good. In other cultures, there is usually no negative meaning for this symbol. The left swastika is considered to be female, and the right one is male, with the corresponding energies of Yin and Yang.

There are also numerous variations in the image of this symbol. There can be 4, 6, 8-ray swastikas. Not only with right angles, but also with others. But the values ​​are about the same for everyone. This is the movement of life and the law of the Universe, to which all things obey.

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Practical application of Dzi swastika

The Dzi swastika bead gives us divine protection from any harm or people who are plotting something unkind. It will be especially useful for those who are traveling on some dangerous journey or living in a disadvantaged area. Hotu Dzi is a powerful protective bead, as the symbol of the left swastika denotes the heavenly energy hidden in this Dzi and helping us in difficult cases.

Also, Dzi swastika will help to avoid unpleasant legal cases and lawsuits. It harmonizes the life of its owner so that troubles pass by, and his life path becomes smooth and happy.

The symbolism of Ho Tu Dzi refers to the origins of Buddhism. This symbol was placed over the heart of the Buddha when he left this world. Therefore, Hotu Dzi is considered a symbol of esoteric Buddhism, and he marks those great beings who have achieved nirvana and freed from the shackles of the material world.


The Dzi swastika bead is a powerful Tibetan talisman that helps to harmonize the life of its owner in accordance with the laws of the universe. It protects from all sorts of life troubles, promotes good luck in business and personal life.

Wear this bead, be in harmony with the world and your life will be long, successful and happy.

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