Heart Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi bead heart helps its owner feel more alive. Dzi heart helps to get in touch with his life force. This Dzi helps to learn to use the full life potential of the body. Mastery of one's strength can reveal previously unknown aspects of its use. Health improves, the energy level rises, life expectancy increases.

Typically, the heart symbol on the Dzi beads is not alone, but in conjunction with other symbols. So on the Dzi bead a nectar vessel of plenty is a symbol of the heart is inside the vessel of plenty. Yes, and the vessel of plenty is depicted in the shape of a heart. This bead is also called Dzi Longevity. The heart on it helps prevent disease and personifies life.

There is a Dzi bead 2 hearts of Buddha. On it are drawn 2 hearts side by side. This Dzi symbolizes harmony, prosperity, life balance. She attracts love to her ownerโ€™s life and protects from evil and negative influences. Here, the symbol of the heart also performs its function of increasing vitality. And since there are 2 hearts, this activates another property - to attract love. This property also has a bead Dzi 2 eyes.

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The Dzi bead is a heart in itself, as well as the heart symbol on other Dzi beads helps to activate your life potential. This potential allows you to enhance the vitality of a person, protects against diseases and gives a long life.

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