Dzi Bead 8 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Bead Dzi 8 eyes helps its owner to avoid various disasters and tragedies, protects against accidents and blows of fate. With her, everyday life becomes safer and calmer. The protective function of this Tibetan Dzi bead is due to the fact that its owner receives help and blessing from 8 Bodhisattvas, which protect him from various types of troubles. The 8 eyes of Dzi are a symbol of the eight Buddhist treasures.

8 precious Buddhist symbols

  1. The white shell, spiraling to the right, symbolizes the deep, far-reaching and melodic sounds of the Dharma (the doctrine of the universal laws of being). These sounds awaken from a deep sleep of ignorance, paving the way for liberation.

  2. The precious umbrella symbolizes the protection of people from disease, suffering, harmful influences and various obstacles in this life. He also personifies the pleasure and enjoyment of the coolness of being in this blessed shadow of an umbrella.

  3. The victory banner symbolizes the victory of the Buddha over the obstacles to enlightenment. These obstacles are fear of death, negative emotions, pride, and desires that dominate people.

  4. Goldfish symbolizes the benefit of all living things. These are states of fearless and joyful sailing without fear of drowning in the ocean of samsara - the ocean of suffering. This condition makes it as easy to move from place to place, as a fish swims freely in the water.

  5. Wheel of Dharma or wheel of the Law. Symbolizes Gautam Buddha and the doctrine of the universal laws of life. By spinning this golden wheel of teaching in all worlds, Buddhas help all beings get rid of ignorance and suffering from ignorance, as well as experience joy from good deeds and liberation.

  6. The endless knot symbolizes the interdependence of religious doctrines and secular affairs. He also represents the union of wisdom and compassion. This is a symbol of the highest unity of everything and the Buddhist teaching on interpenetration is laid in it.

  7. The lotus flower symbolizes the complete cleansing of all impurities of both the body, speech and mind. It is a symbol of purity and renunciation.

  8. The precious vase symbolizes the endless stream of long life, health, wealth, prosperity and all the blessings of this world.

Dzi Bead Application

8 good symbols of Tibet, expressed in a Dzi bead of 8 eyes, fill and harmonize a person, help him overcome obstacles, and also give strength in solving all life problems. Her wearing helps protect against possible disasters and life's troubles. She helps her owner in finding and following her true life path. At the same time, a calm of the mind is achieved, which is no longer filled with the deliberation of the problems that have fallen, but calmly solves the problems associated with the realization of life goals.

The Dzi 8-eye bead becomes especially relevant during the Feng-Shui 8 period (2004-2024). During this period, she provides the strongest support due to the number "8". During this period, many negative problems can be turned in a good direction. Many problems can be solved by wearing this Dzi bead.

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