2 eyes Phoenix Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The unique and rare Dzi bead 2 eyes of the Phoenix is ​​a wonderful helper in love, in the formation of a harmonious union in all areas of life. This bead depicts 2 eyes of an unusual shape. In Tibet, such eyes are called the “Eye of the Buddha” or the “Eye of the Bodhisattva.”

These 2 eyes are located on different sides of the beads and have attractive power. If you look at them for a long time, you can feel the wisdom and compassion in the depths of these eyes. Let us consider how this Dzi with such mystical eyes helps people.

Help create the perfect match

With this Dzi you can find your perfect match. This bead will help you call the best possible for you at the moment, the closest - a friend, a loving and beloved person. With this person, the most complete mutual understanding, harmony and harmony will be possible, both physically and emotionally, spiritually and in everyday life.

To create the perfect pair for a person, it is necessary to discover many qualities in yourself, to see something new in yourself and others, learn to radiate and accept love and be responsible, able to be reborn and not go out many times, like the magic bird Phoenix.

Burning in our former form, discarding the old and obsolete, we learn to never lose the fire of the soul, not to change our true essence, while changing, gaining wisdom and flourishing.

Dzi 2 Eyes of the Phoenix for a harmonious relationship with a partner

In Dzi 2 Eyes of the Phoenix, we see another powerful symbol, close in meaning to the Two-Eyed Dzi - this is the ability to establish contact, establish harmonious relationships with your partner.

There is such an expression: love is not when two are looking at each other, but when they are looking one way. This is not only the radiation of Dzi, but also the ability and daily realization of this ability, which depends on both partners.


Dzi 2 Phoenix Eyes is one of the strongest beads recommended by Dzi Masters, designed to attract new love. You can wear it both on its own, and complete with other Dzi.

Talismans that have a related meaning, but with different shades, go well with this bead. For example Dzi 2 eyes, Dzi Kamasutra and Dzi Buddha Kamasutra.

If you are not sure which beads to choose, contact our specialists. We will choose the most suitable option for your situation.

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