Horse Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi bead horse symbolizes vitality, endurance, beauty, elegance and freedom of the animal sacred in Tibet - the horse. The Tibetan word "Tasso", denoting this Dzi, in translation means "horse of the wind." The qualities of this beautiful and intelligent animal, expressed in this Dzi, help both in the material and in the spiritual world.

Description and Applies Dzi Horse Bead

It is believed that the Dzi bead horse is very ancient, even more ancient in origin than the tiger tooth similar to it. Since ancient times, horses have been faithful helpers of humans. They assisted in the transport of goods, work in the field and in the rapid movement between settlements. Therefore, this Dzi will help its owner in all forms of transportation and transportation.

Tasso - a horse of the wind, embodies the ability of Dzi horse to be a messenger and to communicate with the spiritual world. This Dzi helps its owner to be able to communicate with the spiritual world of being. It will help in maintaining a strong connection with the spiritual side of the individual. This spiritual connection helps to develop the personal qualities of its owner, and provides support in different life circumstances. Dzi horse will help its owner to remain free from troubles, avoiding and overcoming the dangers in his life's journey. As a horse is able to jump over big obstacles, so this Dzi will help his master to overcome life's barriers and hardships.

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Another great quality of Dzi Horse is the ability to establish and strengthen the flow of business lines. It activates stagnant energy, and the owner of this Dzi can feel on himself this image of the Horse of the Wind, when things seem to be done by themselves, caught in a stream of air, but with the direct active participation of the owner.

If you need to increase the flow of customers, if your work is related to movement and communication, if you need to take the business out of the field of stagnation, then Dzi Horse is your faithful assistant in this matter.

Dzi horse helps not only to overcome barriers, but also favors the “pursuit” of luck. It helps to be at the right time and right place in order to “grab” luck by the tail. Wearing this Dzi will allow its owner to quickly find themselves in those places and situations that can be beneficial.


As horses become strongly attached to their master, so Dzi horse faithfully serves its owner, helping him overcome obstacles and jump over life's barriers. This Dzi also helps to establish communication with the spiritual world and forms a connection between the mind and soul. Thanks to this, the Dzi horse helps the spiritual development of its owner.

This Tibetan talisman is a very strong and faithful helper in many life situations. Wear it and your path through life will become more favorable, and life goals will be achieved faster and easier.

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