Dzi Bead 16 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Bead Dzi 16 eyes returns a fun and good mood in human life. It helps to get rid of the blues, depression, drive out the seal and melancholy. Wearing this bead helps to restore the joy of childhood and the vitality of youth. A bad mood will be replaced by a joyful and happy one and you will again feel the fullness of life.

How to return a good mood and happiness in life?

In childhood, we all felt happiness and rejoiced in every blade of grass, flower and blue sky. Over time, we grew up, we had more worries and this childhood joy disappeared somewhere. Problems, vital troubles and blows of fate accumulated. And under this pressure, our mood was getting worse and worse. What to do? Have we become different or has life become different?

Neither we nor life became different. It's just that the problems that we encountered throughout our lives, unfortunately, have not gone away. We continue to carry them with us. And this load is getting harder and harder. How can I get rid of this burden and return my good mood and joy of life?

To do this, you need to work on yourself. And the dzi bead of 16 eyes will help us with this. By itself, this bead already harmonizes the internal space of its owner. But if you also work with your negative moments of the past, then the joyful mood will return faster and will be more stable. There are many ways to bring back a good mood. The best one is working with a professional psychologist, having gone through as many sessions as you need to fill your life with joyful emotions. When doing this, carry 16 eyes beads with you. A good way is meditation, achieving a state of mental silence. This kind of disables all your negative emotions that have accumulated throughout life. And your good and calm state will be with you again. Take a bead of Dzi 16 eyes and practice to โ€œturn offโ€ our restless mind.


The Dzi bead of 16 eyes helps a person to return to the state with which he began his life path on this Earth. This world is a big game. We all came to him happy, full of strength and energy. But over time, "played too much." We have identified ourselves with all that is happening around. We forgot about the game and plunged into the abyss of negative experiences and defeatist thoughts.

Take your Dzi bead of 16 eyes and return that state of joy, energy and inspiration with which we got into this Game. Get your happiness back!

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