Dzi Bead 18 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Bead Dzi 18 eyes helps protect oneself from obsessions and aspirations. It is also a good defense against the influence of others. Thanks to these properties, the 18-eyed Dzi bead helps fight the following addictions:

  • alcohol

  • narcotic

  • nicotine / smoking

  • game

  • sexy

  • computer

  • food / overeating

If you or someone close to you has similar difficulties, then this Dzi will help to overcome such obsessive addictions.

Psychological Injury Protection

In addition, the Dzi 18 eye bead helps relieve stress. Its owner is better recovering from various mental injuries. Losses, disorders, resentment, anxiety and other negative psychological manifestations can be weakened and eliminated with the help of this Tibetan talisman.

Bead Dzi 18 eyes helps to find peace of mind, a state of lightness and joyful peace. This condition allows its owner to cope with psychological pressure from surrounding people and situations, become more restrained and avoid impulsive actions.

The 18-eyed bead of Dzi balances the psyche of a person, helps to avoid impulsive desires and obsessive desires, due to which rash actions arise. Spontaneous, rash actions increase the load of karma and impede spiritual growth. Therefore, wearing this 18-eye Dzi bead helps to improve karma to find peace in the soul of man.

Work with Kundalini

For those people who practice yoga and work with internal energies, the 18-eye Dzi bead will help with the psychic energy of Kundalini. It helps to clear the paths of movement of this energy and removes obstacles that prevent the Kundalini from moving up the spine. As soon as the Kundalini starts to rise, this Dzi bead helps to support it and harmonizes the movement of this energy.


Bead Dzi 18 eyes has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. It stabilizes and harmonizes the inner world. Therefore, it helps to cope with addictions, various life troubles and various kinds of psychological impact. The psyche becomes stable and peace reigns in the soul.

This Dzi is good for all people who experience different effects, leading to a state of stress, depression, desire to eat or drink something. 18-eyed Dzi will help you become calmer. Your actions will be more thoughtful, so karma will improve. And help in awakening the Kundalini will help those people who strive for complete liberation to quickly reach their goal.

The Dzi 18 eye bead is very good in our increasingly stress-rich life, as well as for spiritual self-improvement. Wear it, be calm in any situation and achieve your life and spiritual goals.

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