Fortune or Dharma Wheel Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Bead The Wheel of Fortune Dzi, or, as it is also called in Tibet, the Wheel of Dharma Dzi is the most powerful Tibetan talisman that brings good luck. We all want everything to turn out well in our affairs and our lives. But if luck comes to our life, then life becomes brighter and more joyful.

Dzi Fortune Wheel for Good Luck

Who doesn’t want luck to accompany him throughout his life? Of course, no one! Those who are accompanied by luck are called lucky and want to be like them. And everyone wants to catch their luck by the tail. The Dzi Bead Wheel of Fortune is just the talisman that helps to fulfill this desire.

This is one of the most coveted Dzi beads for everyone who is engaged in business, makes a career in politics or seeks to become a professional in some field. It is good for all people involved in any type of activity. Dzi Wheel of Fortune attracts luck in our lives and helps even in everyday life situations.

The favorable outcome of any action in all areas of life depends heavily on whether the person is lucky or not. The Bead Wheel of Fortune Dzi helps to achieve a favorable beginning, continuation and completion of the business you are interested in.

But luck is sometimes volatile. Not for nothing in many cultures it is spoken of as a wheel. She has the ability to turn. And these turns do not always look favorable for a person. But is it really so? Maybe sometimes what is perceived by us as a defeat is actually a lesson that we need to understand and learn?

The wheel of Fortune Dzi has a deeper meaning than as luck in life's affairs. Let us examine the concept of the wheel of luck in one of the most ancient Buddhist cultures, where it is called the Wheel of Dharma.

What the Wheel of Dzi Dharma represents

The bead The wheel of the Dharma Dzi personifies the cosmic order in Buddhism - the Dharma. People who follow the dharma are able to achieve enlightenment. The wheel of Dharma, or the wheel of cosmic law, shows a certain path that a person needs to go to get out of the chain of rebirths.

The Dzi Bead The Wheel of Dharma symbolizes this cosmic law. It helps its owner live in accordance with cosmic laws and achieve enlightenment.

Therefore, the more a person is in agreement with the highest cosmic law, the more smooth and cloudless paths he walks, even working on complex and serious problems. From the outside, this can be perceived as earthly luck, but in reality it is reaching agreement with the world and oneself. This is not “Luck” in the usual, everyday sense of the word. Achieving enlightenment is a great success for any human being. Therefore, those people who seek to achieve liberation from the cycle of death and birth in the cycle of samsara are shown wearing a Dzi Dharma Wheel.


The Bead Wheel of Fortune Dzi is good to wear for all people. For those who seek material success and prosperity, it will bring good luck in business. For those whose aspirations are directed to the spiritual realms, it will help to free themselves from material shackles, get out of the wheel of samsara and achieve enlightenment.

But be careful in handling this Dzi bead, however, as with any other talisman. If you have unseemly intentions, then fortune may turn back to you. We all carry with us the consequences of our desires. Whether we realize it or not, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, use the bead Wheel of Fortune Dzi only with good intentions. And luck will accompany you in your affairs and your life.

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