Kubera Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi Kubera bead is one of the most popular Tibetan talismans aimed at accumulating wealth. This Dzi symbolizes the god of wealth, Kubera or Dzambala. These are different aspects of the god of wealth and abundance, which are different in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. The power of these gods of wealth is also present in other Dzi beads.

The significance of Kubera Dzi is directed more towards the constant accumulation and maintenance of wealth, unlike the Dzi 3 eye bead, which also symbolizes the god of wealth Kubera. It promotes continuous career growth. And when it is worn, there is a continuous increase in the wealth of its owner.

The 5-eye Dzi bead also symbolizes the god of wealth Dzambala. But wealth in the 5th eye bead of Dzi does not have the property of constant accumulation, as in the bead of Dzi Kubera. There the emphasis is more on the formation and activation of various sources of income. Read more about the Dzi 5-eye bead.

Description and application of Kubera Dzi

A symbol resembling a man with pens is depicted on a bead of Kubera Dzi. The triangle below symbolizes patronage. Two “pens” - strips represent a stable career with a gradual increase in income. This bead symbolizes wealth and good fortune in business.

The accumulation of wealth, which helps the bead of Dzi Kubera, occurs harmoniously, together with the development of mental strength and intellectual abilities of a person. Good luck in money matters and the accumulation of wealth occurs so that a person does not lose self-esteem and receives respect from colleagues. This is a moral career, which takes place ethically and a person gains wealth without compromising his dignity.

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The bead of Dzi Kubera is well suited for those who want to save money, learn not to spend on trifles, reasonably calculate expenses, stop the “money flows through your fingers” condition. It is perfect for those who, having sufficient income, for some “inexplicable” reasons, cannot create savings. It will help to save up money for large things that are just very welcome, for leisure, travel, a car, an apartment, or just create a stable “financial pillow”.

Kubera will help you gain wealth while moving up the career ladder. It helps steady career growth, the accumulation of wealth and leads to the material prosperity of its owner.

If you have the task of achieving a stable and growing income, then get this Dzi and wear it. If you want to quickly achieve a good income, and then consolidate the level of your income, then you can combine this Dzi with other beads directed action on success and money. Pick your package to enrich themselves or with the help of a specialist in Tibetan charms and solve your cash problem.

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