Dzi Bead 1 eye

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi Bead 1 eye is a symbol of the disclosure of personal potential, individuality, light and wisdom, enhances intelligence and the ability to think creatively. The person wearing it becomes wiser, his creative abilities are enhanced and his talents are manifested brighter. Wearing 1-eye Dzi promises good luck in career growth and success in society. The one-eyed bead Dzi clarifies the mind, calms thoughts, brings calm and happiness.

When to Wear the One-Eyed Dzi Bead

The one-eyed bead Dzi is great in situations where you need enhanced intellectual work and creative thinking. Wearing it will help schoolchildren and students to better perceive information, compare data and pass exams. If you want to study more easily and smoothly with you or with someone else, then take yourself or advise this person a 1-eye Dzi bead. She helps to get the best academic achievements.

For working people, it contributes to career advancement, helps to solve emerging problems and brings success in any activity. It is especially good for people of creative professions and intellectual labor due to its ability to enhance creative thinking. Therefore, Dzi 1 eye is good not only for students, but also for their teachers, university professors, scientists. Also, due to its ability to increase creative potential, this one-eyed Dzi is good for artists, writers, designers and other creative people.

For managers and businessmen, this bead is good because it helps to better control the situation in the team and business, increases charisma, increases the ability for clear planning and getting success from the tasks set.

Due to the ability of Dzi 1 eye beads to calm the mind, it can be used in situations where sobriety and peace of mind are necessary to achieve the goal. It can be some tense situations in life and where there is some kind of controversy and it is necessary to remain calm and thinking clearly. Also, this one-eyed Dzi will help those who are engaged in spiritual development to achieve mental silence.


Dzi 1-eyed bead helps its owner overcome all obstacles encountered on his way to the goal. It provides a safer path to success, takes on the encountered negativity due to its unique pattern. Therefore, one who wears a Dzi 1 eye bead is more likely to succeed in any endeavor.

One-eyed Dzi is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to win in their endeavors and wants his dreams to come true. This is a powerful eye that will not only endow you with wisdom, help you find yourself, teach you purposefulness, reveal talents, but also bring happiness to your life.

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