5 Bats Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi bead of 5 bats is a Tibetan talisman that helps its owner perfectly navigate both in life situations and in traveling through the astral worlds in the dream body. The word "Bat" in Sanskrit means "birth." Therefore, the Dzi bat helps everything that is associated with the beginning of something, that is, it favors the birth of a new one.

Five Dzi bats symbolize 5 opportunities:

  • Healthy life.

  • A successful career.

  • Good wealth.

  • A good relationship.

  • Long life.

These 5 possibilities will help the owner of this Dzi live a better life. Consider the scope of this Tibetan talisman.

Description and Application of Dzi Bat

The Dzi Bat Bead depicts 5 bats. Bats, thanks to a unique echolocation organ, can calmly navigate, fly quickly and hunt in pitch darkness. The bat symbol on the Dzi bead embodies this navigational ability.

Since the Dzi bat symbolizes the birth and the beginning of something new, this bead is good for any undertaking. She helps a lot to start a romantic relationship and get married. Attention! To create harmonious relationships, using only one of these beads is contraindicated! It helps to move stagnation, emptiness, but it does not form a stream of happiness in the relationship. Therefore, the “Bat” should be complemented by Dzi, who give mutual understanding, love and happiness in marriage. Free detailed consultation, please contact us.

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Dzi bat is also good for new business cooperation, starting a new business, acquiring new property, etc.

Dzi applying for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Dzi 5 bats helps navigate the business environment. It brings new, fresh business ideas, supports new beginnings and helps to see and avoid barriers to the implementation of these ideas in life. She also helps to find new business connections and offers.

Since now the basis of all entrepreneurship is the ability to operate with a large amount of information, this Tibetan talisman will also help. Dzi bat works as a navigator, helping not to get lost among a huge array of data and find the information that will help the entrepreneur to achieve good success in their business.

Spiritual cultivation

Dzi 5 bats will be useful to those who explore their subconscious, follow the path of self-improvement and engage in spiritual practices. Due to the ability of this Dzi to help in orientation, she works as a guide among the many thought images that are in our subconscious.

Dzi bat helps to find in our subconscious mind those problem areas that negatively affect our lives. This is the accumulated karma that makes us dwell in the wheel of samsara and experience suffering. By exploring these negative aspects of the past with various psychotherapeutic techniques, we free ourselves from their negative influence and become more capable and energetic.

By continuing to work this way with the help of this Dzi, we can completely clear our karma. This is a great way to clear all karmic ties, break the chain of rebirth and achieve enlightenment.

Application in magical practices

The bat is historically used as a symbol of magic, shamanism, witchcraft and witchcraft. The bat is often associated with the world of witches, sorcerers, cooking potions. Moreover, these associations apply not only to good and bright wizards, but also to adepts of black magic.

But a bat in itself means only a certain strength and ability. And how it is used depends on the person who does it. The ingredients in the alchemical elixirs and various potions can be the same. But the intention and properties of these elixirs and potions can vary greatly.

The direction of use of Dzi 5 bats is determined by its owner. If its owner intends to use this talisman for evil purposes, then he creates his own negative karma and his dark power turns against himself. If the owner of Dzi “The Bat” uses it with an open heart and without selfish aspirations, then his karma decreases, and his life is freed from evil, negativity, becomes easy and filled with new ways and discoveries.

Astral travel

The bat leads a nocturnal lifestyle. Therefore, at night, during sleep, Dzi bat helps its owner to travel in lucid dreams and astral worlds. This journey will be safer with this Dzi, because it helps you navigate these worlds well and avoid possible obstacles and dangers.


Dzi 5 bats - a great helper in all new endeavors. She is good for making new connections. It assists in obtaining new ideas for business and helps to open up new areas of activity.

Dzi bat also favors everyone who follows the path of spiritual self-improvement. It helps clear karma and achieve enlightenment. This is a great assistant in the modern information world, where you need to be well-versed in the flow of information and choose the right path.

Carry your personal navigator in this world of information, find your way and improve your life.

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