Lotus Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi Lotus bead has the ability to clear the mind and soothe the heart. This leads to peace of mind and a clear consciousness. In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes many things. But the main meaning of Dzi Lotus is spiritual disclosure and purity. This is the revelation of the true nature of a being, which is realized through enlightenment, compassion for all living beings and liberation from one’s passions.

Lotus is a water flower. It begins to grow in the mud that has accumulated at the bottom of the reservoir - bottom mud. It grows in conditions in which other water lilies do not survive. The lotus actually grows out of the mud, and its flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers on Earth.

The mission of the lotus flowers is to show us that beauty can grow and flourish even in the dirtiest conditions of existence. Beauty can be found anywhere. Dzi lotus flower helps its owner to create a perfect state of mind and a calm life.

Application Beads Lotus Dzi

Bead Lotus Dzi gives attractiveness, tranquility and spiritual purity. It cleanses the body and mind and improves human relationships. Bead Dzi two Lotuses maintains the integrity, tranquility and charisma of its owner. She also activates communication with people around him and strengthens his authority among them.

The Dzi Lotus bead is very popular due to its protective properties against negative influences and all kinds of evil. It has a cleansing effect on the human psyche, helps to ensure safety and supports the body in a healthy state.

This bead helps to clear the mind and psyche of all the negative that has accumulated in our consciousness over the course of many years and even lives. In addition to cleansing the mind and calming the mind, this bead cleanses our heart. In this case, the heart is filled with love and a person comes to a state of peace of mind. The Dzi Lotus Bead is recommended for those who have to make the right decisions and those who have chosen the path of self-improvement and strive for higher levels of awareness. It brings luck and wisdom to its owner.

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Bead Lotus Dzi helps in spiritual purification, enlightens the mind and soothes the heart. A person gains a state of love, calmness and serenity. Feels a sense of joy and happiness. This bead protects us from everything negative and gives attractiveness to its owner.

Dzi Lotus is a very good bead both for ordinary people who want to live a more peaceful and quiet life, and for spiritual seekers who seek to calm their mind and achieve enlightenment. Wear this bead and your life will become easier and more harmonious.

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