Striped Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The striped Dzi bead symbolizes a comfortable, harmonious life and the fulfillment of all desires. This Dzi helps transform negative situations into positive ones. There are both undesirable and favorable situations in life. But in both of these, a certain energy is hidden.

Striped Dzi works like a transformer. It transforms the energy of the adverse situation so that the situation improves and the owner of the striped bead Dzi gets a transformed, favorable situation. Thus, life improves, becomes more comfortable and prosperous.

Description and application of striped Dzi

There are three types of striped Dzi beads:

  1. Striped Dzi in the form of thin strips.

  2. Beads with stripes of medium width.

  3. Dzi beads with wide cross ribbons.

Dzi beads with strips in the form of threads usually do not contain other patterns on the bead, only these threadlike strips. Usually in the amount of three pieces. And beads with wider stripes may contain other patterns. Also, wider stripes and ribbons can alternate with thinner and filamentary.

These threads, stripes and ribbons always cover the striped Dzi bead with a ring in width. The number varies from one to several. The more of them, the more their properties are manifested.

  • Thin, filiform strips indicate healing powers.

  • Stripes indicate money and wealth.

  • Wide ribbons symbolize a comfortable life and well-being.

Owners of striped Dzi in the form of threads receive great help to improve the body. A striped Dzi bead in the form of narrow stripes is an excellent option for promotion on the career ladder, with a good cash reward. And the owners of Dzi striped beads in the form of wide ribbons will receive a smooth accumulation of wealth and a comfortable, prosperous life.

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The striped Dzi bead is a good helper to make your life comfortable and prosperous. She helps to achieve all the desires of its owner. Helps to overcome negative life moments and transform them into positive ones. Brings money, wealth and comfort to the life of its owner. Wear this Dzi with other Tibetan talismans and your life will change.

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