Rui Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The bead of Dzi Rui fulfills your desires, like a magic wand from a fairy tale. Therefore, in internet this bead is also called Rui Dzi the Golden Key. But this is the wrong name, since Dzi Golden Key is a completely different bead with different properties.

The name of the Dzi Rui bead from Mandarin is translated as “Ru” - “according to you” and “I” means “desire” or “intention”. Those. "Rui" means "At your request." This phrase caresses the ears of many. Who is not pleased that his wish will come true?

Description and application of Rui Dzi beads

The drawing on the bead of Rui Dzi looks like a curved object, which is a ceremonial wand in Buddhism. In the Chinese tradition, this figure symbolizes strength and good fortune. The traditional image of Dzi Rui has a long, S-shaped handle. The top of this handle resembles a fist, cloud or mushroom of immortality of Lingzhi.

It should be noted that on the Dzi bead a golden key the image is similar, but without such a peak as the Dzi Rui bead. This is probably why these symbols are often confused and the same qualities are attributed to beads, which is a mistake.

Power and business

The depicted symbol on the bead of Dzi Rui represents a symbol of power, which gives its owner authority and excellent leadership qualities. Rui Dzi helps those who have been promoted, giving them increased responsibility, better control and management in a new position. Increases the ability to conduct larger events and projects in accordance with the received high position in society.

Dzi Rui's bead helps increase luck. Therefore, wearing it allows the bead owner to quickly move up the career and career ladder and increase his income. She brings good luck in business. You will be successful in areas where the ability to manage and communicate with people are required. This bead is good for businessmen, politicians and public figures.

Inner strength

The symbol of Rui Dzi also personifies a large and strong inner world, which helps to overcome daily stressful situations. This is a symbol of power not only in the outside world, but also in the inner world. This gives the Dzi Rui bead owner a good, clean aura and high internal energy. Because of these properties of this Dzi bead, monks often use it in their temples and altars. And she is often called "Sacred Dzi."

Family help

Bead Dzi Rui helps to establish and strengthen family ties of all family members. Even if only one member of the family has this bead, it affects all relatives who are in his environment. Rui Dzi helps all family members protect themselves from illnesses in accidents and maintain warm relationships within the family.

How does this Dzi fulfill wishes?

Dzi Rui fulfills the wishes of its owner. But these desires may not be true. And this Dzi has the ability to reveal true desires and fulfill them. Such desires are usually aimed at obtaining the common good. They are beneficial not only to the owner of this bead, but also to the person on whom the realization of this desire depends and to the surrounding people.

Moreover, this Dzi will facilitate the fulfillment of only those desires that go towards improvement, creation, development, and will stop the flow of negative, destructive desires of a person. Thus, Rui Dzi leads the owner and his close circle to a more ethical, pure state, not allowing him to fall into anger, aggression or despondency. The influence of Rui Dzi is soft, calm, and at the same time very focused.

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Rui Dzi brings comfort to the life of its owner. It helps to avoid and overcome everyday difficulties and troubles. Gives clarity of thinking and a clear mind, good energy and spiritual protection.

Dzi Rui's bead helps to climb the corporate ladder and manage people well. Strengthens family relationships and protects against illnesses and injuries. Helps to achieve a high social position and live a favorable and comfortable life.

If there is a person in your family for whom you are worried, for his future, for his unsuitable lifestyle, buy Rui Dzi for yourself, and she will work for all members of your family, even if others do not know about her.

This Dzi has the powerful power to harmonize space and bring negative, conflicting, destructive aspirations from human life. Wear this Dzi and enjoy your fulfillment of your desires, comfortable and happy life!

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