Dzi Bead 10 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi bead 10 eyes dissolves and removes all obstacles that arise in human life and harmonizes any kind of activity. She is called the “cleansing Dzi”, as she clears everything that prevents to achieve the goal. She helps to cope with obstacles at work and in business, where this Dzi helps a successful career and business accomplishments.

A 10-eye Dzi bead also helps to establish harmonious relationships in the family and with other people. She removes the negative in these relations and translates it into a positive channel. Thus, this 10-eyed Dzi bead removes those obstacles that interfere with good and constructive communication with any people in society. The owner of such a talisman receives honor and respect among colleagues and friends.

Help cleanse karma

The 10-eye Dzi bead is unique in that it helps in working with human karma. If someone suffers from a series of failures and bad luck, if the black streak of life follows the black one again, then get and wear this 10-eyed Dzi bead. It helps to cleanse past and present sins, remove the negative that has accumulated in past human acts and turn the tide with negative events in life in a positive way.

For those people who work on themselves and engage in self-improvement, this 10-eyed Dzi will help to more easily clear the load of karmic problems. Negative moments of the past create the so-called “negative karma”. In psychotherapeutic sessions, meditations, and other spiritual practices, these karmic problems are more easily and quickly dealt with if you have such a Dzi bead.

Practical use

In practice, the Tibetan bead Dzi 10 eyes is used in cases where a person feels that something is stopping him in life from achieving his goal. This bead clears everything that prevents success in life. Its action is manifested in all areas of life.

Wearing it helps to remove obstacles and achieve better results at work, in business and in any type of activity. It helps to resolve quarrels and harmonize relationships in the family, gain success in society and live a joyful and happy life.

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