Chakra Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi Chakra bead is intended for those people who are engaged in energy practices and care about their health. This Dzi acts on our energy centers, helping to open, activate and cleanse human chakras. Accordingly, health, well-being improves, forces appear to solve problems and for new beginnings.

How does Dzi Chakra work?

The Dzi Chakra bead affects all 7 human chakras. In this case, such changes occur:

1 Chakra

Health improves, immunity rises. Strength and confidence in the future appear. The financial condition is stabilizing.

Relations with relatives improve, family ties strengthen, mutual understanding and closeness with parents increase. The canal of the family tree opens and expands. For those who work with subtle plans, Dzi Chakra helps to establish communication with deceased relatives throughout the family tree. And you can get help from a kind.

For body health and longevity see also Dzi Bead Turtle.

2 Chakras

The body is recovering. Increases attractiveness for the opposite sex. Solving problems associated with urology and gynecology. The mood improves. The cheerfulness is increasing, the psycho-emotional state is stabilizing. In the life of the owner of this bead comes a feeling of joy and earthly happiness.

Increased financial flow. Energy is added to existing financial flows, and due to this, they expand, and the owner of this Dzi begins to receive more money.

This Dzi is also suitable for activating sexual energy. We recommend that you pay attention to the specialized Dzi beads - Kamasutra and Buddha Kamasutra.

See also 2-eyed Dzi Bead and Dzi Phoenix Eye.

3 Chakras

Under the influence of Dzi Chakra, a person becomes more purposeful, aimed at achieving his goal. The ability and desire to act in society is increasing. The owner of such a bead becomes more charismatic, they listen to his opinion, I want to be next to him.

Willpower, purity of intention are increasing, which allows achieving goals with less cost and in shorter time. This helps to move up the career ladder and is especially important for people who are developing their business.

The activation of energy in this chakra leads to an improvement in the digestive system. The diseases associated with it, as well as a sense of fear, loss and loneliness, pass.

With the help of Dzi Chakra, it is easier to get rid of bad habits and eating habits. Normalization of metabolic processes occurs and a person is easier to get rid of excess weight.

Effect on 4 Chakras

Dzi Chakra bead has a beneficial effect on the human cardiovascular system and chest organs. This Dzi helps with stress. Strengthening the heart chakra increases resistance to negative environmental influences.

A bead brings a person out of a victim’s state, from a donor vampire relationship. It helps the development of acceptance, love of the world in all its manifestations. This Dzi promotes and a positive outlook on the world.

Dzi Chakra develops the ability to disinterestedly give and gratefully receive.

5 Chakra

The effect of this Dzi bead on the 5th chakra is the healing of the upper respiratory tract, thyroid gland, and vocal cords. Cleansing and enhancing the energy of the throat chakra improves the ability to communicate, express your own thoughts through speech. Human words become more emotional and figurative, people better understand them.

The 5th chakra is responsible for the creative expression, inspiration and emotional plan of a person. Therefore, the healing of this chakra with the help of a Dzi Chakra bead is necessary for all people in creative professions. This Dzi will also be useful to speakers, teachers, business trainers, psychologists and everyone who, by the nature of his work, communicates a lot with people.

6 Chakra

Dzi Chakra helps to “open” the 3rd human eye, helps to develop our intuition and foresight of future events. Wearing this Dzi improves brain activity, helps to structure thoughts, stop internal dialogue and clarity of consciousness. It is good to enhance the action with this bead to wear a Dzi bead of 5 bats.

7 Chakra

Activation of the 7th chakra of a person helps to find a calling, one's Way in this world. Eliminates the illusory perception of life. Helps establish contact with higher powers and great teachers of humanity.

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A unique Dzi Chakra bead is essential for every person. It helps to reveal all aspects of our personality, opens all energy flows and improves our life in all areas of life. It can be worn as a protective bead, because strengthening your aura prevents any negative energy impact on you. With well-functioning chakras, no evil eye or spoilage will have a destructive effect on you.

Wearing a Dzi Chakra bead leads to harmonization and spiritual growth. It is especially good for people who strive for self-improvement and practice yoga, qigong, tai chi and other spiritual practices.

Because Since this Dzi helps activate all the chakras, we recommend combining it with any other Dzi beads to enhance the effect. Wear the Dzi Chakra and activate your energy potential.

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