Medicine Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The bead of Dzi medicine is intended primarily for those who are engaged in treatment, for healers. It helps them replenish the energy used to treat the patient, and also protects against adverse energies and helps the healer himself recover.

Before Buddhism appeared in Tibet, this bead was called Dzi medicine, and now it is also called Dzi Buddha Medicine. It is believed that the Buddha of Medicine was one of the first doctors to treat people. And in this Dzi lies the healing power of this Buddha.

Buddha medicine

The Buddha of Medicine is a fully enlightened being. He is compassionate to all living beings. The Buddha of Medicine protects all living beings from physical and mental illnesses and other dangers. It helps to destroy the three main poisons that poison our minds and souls: attachment, hatred and ignorance. These three poisons are the source of all diseases and dangers.

In order to recover from some disease and keep the body in good condition, there is the practice of the Buddha of Medicine. Practice is based on the fact that you need to sing a special mantra of the Buddha of Medicine, while in a meditative state.

For healing, the mantra is repeated 108 times. In this case, before the healed is a glass of water, which he then drinks. Thanks to the mantra, water is endowed with special power and begins to cure his illness. This practice is repeated daily until the disease is cured.

This practice helps the healer to develop the ability to see, which favorably affects the process of discovering the causes of the disease and the successful diagnosis. In addition, this mantra "heals" and the karma of a person. Regular practice leads to better karma and faster attainment of enlightenment.

The mantra is called the Mantra of Bhaishajyagur. Her words are:

"Teyata Om Bekandze-Bekandze Maha Bekandze Randze Samud Gate Soha".

Description and Application of Dzi Buddha Medicine

Dzi Bead Medicine looks pretty simple. In the middle of this bead, only one threadlike strip passes, most often white. The remaining color of the beads is usually black or carnelian. The middle strip may be wider like a ribbon. In this case, the strip symbolizes wealth and ability to heal.

Wide-band beads contribute to the greater comfort of its owner. A bead with a thin stripe in the middle is better for healing. This Dzi helps restore lost vital energy. To heal people, many healers use their energy. And to quickly restore it and maintain the health of the healer himself, they should use this bead of Dzi Medicine.

Many people worry and feel guilty about not working so well to cope with their karma. This is not very productive. Guilt itself creates disease and increases karma. Dzi Buddha of Medicine helps to cope with such a non-constructive emotional state and work as much as possible to get rid of his karma, without feeling guilty for doing something wrong.

The Dzi Medicine contributes to the return of joy, laughter and a sense of ease of being into the life its owner. This is primarily needed by healers. They restore health to people. And this must be done with a good mood and a pure mind. Therefore, the healer must be responsible for his life and make sure that he has everything good in life, so that nothing prevents him from fulfilling his very important mission. And the bead Dzi Medicine just can help him with this.

If a person seeks to use the power of Dzi Medicine beads only to evade his direct duties or only for selfish purposes, then this can have the opposite effect and bring chaos to the life of such a person. He will also earn heavy karma.

Before using the power of this Dzi, a person must be sure that he needs it, and not his ego. He must be sure that his heart is open and filled with life and love. Only for such people the Dzi Buddha of Medicine revealed in all his strength.

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Dzi Medicine Bead is a great helper for people whose vocation and life are associated with maintaining health and healing other people. You can use this Dzi on its own, or in conjunction with other Dzi, for example with Dzi mortar and pestle, which also helps in healing. Use this Dzi and let all people find better health and a happy life!

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