Dzi Bead 15 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi bead of 15 eyes brings good luck to its owner and gives him wisdom. It helps to realize all desires and reduces human suffering. The 15-eyed Dzi is called the talisman of heavenly good luck, as it supports its owner in all endeavors, helps to remove obstacles to the goal and brings good wealth.

Practical use

When heavenly good fortune embodied in this 15 eye bead Dzi begins to manifest itself, then the owner of this bead will see how new opportunities arise in this business that he is engaged in. All undertakings and the launch of new projects will occur easily and smoothly. This is especially important for those who are preparing to start large projects.

If your new venture is important enough for you and especially starting it is fraught with high risk, then wear this Tibetan talisman. A 15-eye Dzi bead will help smooth out especially dangerous moments, help your business break through in a highly competitive environment and will bring you good long-term income in the future.

Action 15 eye beads

Bead Dzi 15 eyes enhances the following 7 human qualities in the life of its owner:

  1. Mindfulness.

  2. Wisdom.

  3. The energy.

  4. Enjoyment.

  5. Calm

  6. Concentration.

  7. Impartiality.

This bead attracts and improves the following 8 human valuable abilities:

  1. The ability to understand correctly.

  2. The ability to see.

  3. Ability to speak.

  4. Ability to act.

  5. The ability to earn a livelihood.

  6. Ability to make efforts.

  7. Mindfulness.

  8. Concentration.

Also, this bead has protective properties. Dzi 15-eyed bead protects from natural disasters, from harm, from violence, from loss, from the danger of drowning, from the actions of enemies, from deception, from court cases and from doing any harm to a person. It also helps in increasing the power of speech by removing obstacles that prevent one from speaking from the throat chakra.


Dzi bead 15 eyes brings heavenly luck to its owner in all matters and new endeavors. This is especially important for people engaged in entrepreneurial activities and implementing various business projects.

This Dzi bead will help to cope with all obstacles and establish successful activities. It will help to win a tender or competition, overtake competitors and achieve a good and stable income. Wear this talisman and carry out all your projects!

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