Dzi Bead 5 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The 5-eye Dzi bead is a talisman of wealth. The 5 eyes of Dzi represent the five gods of wealth who bring wealth to human life in many ways. Dzi 5 eyes is a talisman that brings the owner more money, good luck in business, leads to wealth, prosperity and longevity. Therefore, it is very suitable for those who seek monetary gain, especially by earning through multiple sources of income.

Five gods of wealth

The gods of wealth are different aspects of Dzambala - the god of wealth and prosperity. These incarnations of Dzambala bring wealth in many ways. Consider the five areas of wealth.

  • Green Dzambala. Promotes success, fulfillment of desires, gaining wealth. Helps to eradicate bad signs and other obstacles to wealth. This god is the main of the 5 gods of wealth.

  • White Dzambala. Eliminates disease and suffering, helps get rid of poverty and karmic misconduct. Prevents disasters and contributes to the accumulation of wealth.

  • Yellow Dzambala. Promotes luck, increases wisdom, virtues and longevity. Increases intelligence, contributes to the receipt of material and spiritual wealth.

  • Red Dzambala. It gives a high social position, can help in harmonizing family relationships. It also helps to increase the amount of money, valuables and products.

  • Black Dzambala. Eliminates grievances, prevents theft, fraud and other barriers that interfere with the receipt of benefits in some kind of money matters.

In addition to helping to acquire wealth, the 5-eye Dzi bead helps in gaining wisdom, happiness and prosperity in all areas of life. The 5-eyed Dzi symbolizes the five Dhyani Buddhas. These are not different Buddhas, these are 5 qualities of wisdom.

Five types of wisdom

  • Comprehensive wisdom - the ability to know the truth, reality and its laws.

  • The wisdom of the mirror is the ability to perceive the world not being attached to things, but as to a mirror, only reflecting everything that happens in it.

  • The wisdom of equality is the same attitude towards everything, paying equal attention to all things and phenomena.

  • The wisdom of discrimination is the ability to analyze, distinguish things and phenomena from each other, but at the same time see a holistic picture of the world.

  • The wisdom of accomplishment is the ability to accumulate experience and act on the basis of it, knowing how to act.

Thanks to such a comprehensive and deep immersion in aspects of wisdom, the Dzi bead 5 eyes is one of the strongest Tibetan beads to acquire this important quality.

Different variants of Dzi 5 eyes

There are several versions of the Dzi 5 eyes. For example, a Dzi bead 5 eyes with lightning. It is believed that lightning destroys ignorance. By destroying it, it opens up scope for knowledge that the owner of such a bead can easily get and learn. The meanings of these Dzi bead designs are slightly different from the classic 5-eye Dzi beads.

Dzi 5-eyed bead is one of the most mysterious beads. It gives wisdom, prosperity, prolongs life and brings many other benefits. This blessing comes from 5 Dhyani Buddhas. She helps her owner to get what he wants and brings great happiness.

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