Dzi Bead 11 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Bead Dzi 11 eyes is a powerful talisman that helps to gain spiritual awareness and wisdom. It helps to eradicate evil intentions and reduces our attachments that impede spiritual growth. This leads to peace and harmony in the heart and peace of mind.

Dzi 11 eye bead protects us from negativity and harmful energies. This prevents the occurrence of dangerous situations and accidents, which creates a safe environment for smooth movement forward to the intended target. This bead helps those who are gaining wisdom and spiritual wealth, striving to do good deeds.

The Dzi bead of 11 eyes has absorbed the power of one of the most famous Buddhist mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" and the five Buddhas of the Highest Wisdom - Dhyani Buddhas.

Dhyani Buddha - Buddha of spiritual transformation

The five Dhyani Buddhas are various aspects of enlightened consciousness and are great healers of the mind and soul. They symbolize the five basic types of human personality. Each of them helps to transform one of the negative qualities into its positive aspect. Thus, they are our vehicles in spiritual transformation. The Tibetan Dzi bead of 11 eyes, possessing the power of five Dhyan Buddhas, helps its owner on his spiritual path to enlightenment.

Five Dhyani Buddhas and Their Help on the Spiritual Path

  1. Vairochana Buddha helps transform delusion and ignorance into wisdom. This wisdom is achieved through meditation, comprehension of emptiness and primordial space. Vairochana is the primordial wisdom of the realm of reality and represents the cosmic element of form.

  2. Akshobhya Buddha helps transform human anger into pure, mirror-like wisdom. With this wisdom, we see things as they really are, looking at them impartially. The mirror is not angry. It simply reflects whether it is a beautiful flower or a bloody dagger. It does not condemn or show emotions. The mirror always remains calm and unshakable. So we must remain unperturbed no matter what circumstances surround us.

  3. Buddha Ratnasambhava transforms such a negative trait as pride into the wisdom of equality. This wisdom allows us to see the human community that underlies all men and women. He makes us see ourselves in all other human beings that are organically integrated into the general stream of humanity. In this state of enlightenment, there is no one better or worse than others, which leaves no chance for pride to exist.

  4. Amitabha Buddha is the fourth and oldest of the five transcendental Buddhas, personifying the five original wisdom of meditation. It helps transform the poison of desire and attachment into the wisdom of recognition. With its help, we can reorient our external sensory perceptions inward, into a higher state of meditative concentration. The ultimate goal of such meditation is to unite with the Universal Consciousness, which pervades all material realities.

  5. Amoghasiddhi Buddha is the lord of karma. He changes such a negative human trait as envy, into a positive one - the wisdom of accomplishment. Amoghasiddhi personifies the wisdom of all completed activities, which transforms the poison of envy. Envy can be considered as a positive human emotion only as much as it nourishes our ambitions and makes us reach great heights in life. And its negative manifestation is explained by the fact that it is almost always accompanied by bitterness in relation to who is the subject of our envy.


The Dzi bead of 11 eyes is a very good help for people walking along the spiritual path. It helps to overcome various negative qualities and emotions and transform them into positive ones. This Dzi also protects against negativity and harmful energy, so it will be useful for those who need special protection.

Five types of wisdom, representing the five qualities of the Buddha that are stored in this 11-eye Dzi bead, will help its owner transform the negative qualities of the person and achieve more and higher states of consciousness on the road to enlightenment.

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