Tai Yan or Aristocrat Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

Dzi Bead The Big Man /Dzi Aristocrat/ is a magnificent talisman for people who are in love with their job, who know how and love to work, who are ready to give all in their work. She is good for intellectuals.

This Tibetan talisman gives:

  • Clarity of thought and improves memory.

  • Helps in the work of mental mechanisms.

  • Promotes clarity and consistency of conclusions.

  • Improves the mental stability of a person when working in adverse conditions.

  • It supports emotional and emotional balance.

Description of Dzi beads Big man and its application

On Dzi bead a large man is depicted a drawing resembling a man with a head at both ends. The name of the bead sounds like “Yes Ren”, which is translated from Mandarin as “Yes” - large and “Ren” - a person. It means greatness, importance, big rank. Therefore, it is also called Dzi Aristocrat.

This Dzi bead helps in cleansing karma, boosts intelligence, determination and ensures safety. Dzi bead big man gives a feeling of integrity and security. This is especially manifested in the mental activity of man. All thought processes are enhanced by this bead.

Bead Dzi Aristocrat is especially favorable for the following groups of people involved in mental activities:

  • Pupils and students, especially during exams and sessions.

  • Scientists.

  • Teachers and teachers.

  • Heads of enterprises, entrepreneurs, managers.

  • Everyone who needs a sharp mind and clear thinking, as well as older people, to prevent memory impairment and maintain a high level of thinking.

In addition to its function of exerting a beneficial effect on the mental activity of a person, a big man's Dzi bead helps to find important people in your environment. These can be mentors who will help you in important life issues. It may be some other people who will help you achieve your goals or support you in various life situations.

The help of such people may not necessarily be expressed in the form of money or some kind of service that will lead to your well-being and a higher status in society. This can be timely and valuable advice, support, or simply approval. Such “arising” people with the help of this Dzi Aristocrat can greatly help you. Carefully watch so as not to dismiss such valuable assistants that will arise in your life.


Bead Dzi is a big man - a very good helper in the modern world, when in order to live well, you need to operate with a mass of special knowledge and process a large amount of information. Therefore, our mind becomes the main tool for achieving wealth and prosperity. Of course, we must keep it in a highly efficient state. And the bead big man Dzi Aristocrat will help you with this.

Wear this Tibetan talisman for good memory, intelligence, a clear and quick mind, and attract people who will help you in life. Combine this Dzi with other talismans and their combined strength will help you achieve your goals and live a good and happy life.

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