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Tibet has long been famous for its secrets and mysteries, and Tibetan beads Dzi - one of them. They appeared thousands of years ago, as if from nowhere. Legends go about their origin and amazing properties. We will try to fully consecrate the secret of origin and solve the riddles associated with these Tibetan talismans.

Tibetan Dzi beads are amazing spiritual treasures and one of the most powerful talismans not only in Tibet, but throughout the world. They help its owner in many areas of life and contribute to spiritual growth.

In this catalog you can easily find a description of almost all existing Dzi beads, their properties, as well as the impact on the wearer during use. The site has a simplified search, for those who already know the name of the necessary Dzi beads. The menu on the left lists all Dzi beads for a short jump to the description page.

The variety of shapes, patterns and properties of these beads is very difficult to understand. If you don’t know which Dzi bead you need, you can get a free consultation about Dzi beads. We will help you choose and purchase a suitable bead individually. Use one of our channels for communication: Telegram, Instagram, Messenger

All pictures in catalog just a samples showing the pattern. Please check our store for available in stock collection DziBit

Dzi Bead Catalog

Click on the name of the Dzi bead that interests you and go to the page for its description, the impact on the wearer during use.

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