Dzi Bead 20 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi bead of 20 eyes is considered a rare and little-demanded bead in a modern society based on material consumption. Its main action is to help in spiritual purification. It helps the owner achieve enlightenment and break the cycle of rebirth. And for a modern materially oriented person, this quality is not the most important thing in life. But for those people who strive for complete spiritual freedom - this is a very valuable and useful bead Dzi.

Action 20 eye Dzi beads

The 20-eyed bead of Dzi helps to clear and pay off all karmic debts, having come after that to a calm, balanced state of being. In fact, this bead helps to get rid of all karmic transgressions and completely clear karma. This is a necessary step in order to get out of the chain of rebirth and achieve nirvana.

A 20-eye Dzi bead helps to clear the mind and improves the interaction between body, mind and spirit to achieve nirvana. Helps in the final stages of enlightenment.

A person following the path of self-improvement, but at the same time clinging to the material world, may lose the opportunity to achieve enlightenment in this incarnation. A 20-eye Dzi bead helps to achieve a state of non-attachment to worldly goods and material things, which are a huge anchor on the path to enlightenment.

This Dzi protects its owner from the path down to the ego level. Helps maintain a state of cleanliness and innocence. It also protects its owner from various attacks and temptations that can shake this condition.

In fact, this Dzi bead does everything so that its owner as soon as possible cleansed of everything that holds him in this wheel of Sansara, reaches enlightenment and leaves the chain of rebirth.


Bead Dzi 20 eyes is a great helper for spiritually cultivating people. It not only protects and protects from the temptations and adversities of the world around us, but also helps to cleanse karma and achieve nirvana.

For everyone who is on the path to perfecting their spirit, this bead will help to reach the end and achieve enlightenment. Wear this bead and other beads that also help in the path of spiritual growth and your great goal will become much closer.

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