Turtle Dzi Bead or Longevity Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi bead, the tortoise shell of longevity, symbolizes one of the four celestial animals in Feng Shui - the turtle. Bead Dzi turtle prolongs the life of its owner, gives health and helps to recover from diseases faster. In addition, this Dzi gives stability, stability, brings good luck and has the function of support and protection.

Turtles are long-living animals and practically do not get sick. On their carapace there is a peculiar pattern, which is reflected in the bead of Dzi turtle. A person wearing such a bead gradually gains all the best health. In addition, this Dzi supports the decisiveness of its owner in his affairs and perseverance in carrying out the tasks before him.

Practical use

Bead Dzi Turtle helps in protecting a person from diseases that are caused by energy exposure to him such as damage, evil eye and damnation. It also protects against other diseases caused by energy beings and spiritual beings. If you suspect that such an impact has been made on you, or it may be carried out, put on and wear this Dzi bead.

If you want to have a stronger and healthier body, then this bead will also help you with this. It provides healing energy for the body, which is very useful for those who have poor health, who are often sick and suffer from long-term chronic diseases. It helps to recover faster and then maintain a healthy body, protecting from other diseases and ailments.

If you have some important and lengthy work ahead, then the Dzi turtle bead will help to fulfill it. It provides the necessary support and vitality for long-term concentration on the goal and strength for its implementation. Your intention and perseverance to do this job will increase with the use of Dzi Turtle beads.

Sometimes they come across Dzi beads with a pattern of tortoise shell and β€œeyes”. Such beads carry the main qualities of the "big-eyed" beads, and the tortoise pattern gives durability and stability to their qualities.

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Bead Dzi Turtle is the best mascot for those who want to live a long and healthy life. It has powerful protective properties, as it carries the properties of a celestial tortoise and protects against harm and disease.

In addition, this Dzi helps to purposefully achieve their goals in life. Carry a bead of Dzi turtle, be healthy, live long and achieve your life goals!

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