Dzi Bead 6 eyes

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The Dzi Bead of 6 eyes eliminates suffering, expels sorrow and has the ability to attract good luck. In Buddhism, there is a concept of 6 levels of human existence in the material Universe. These levels describe the gradation from the lowest, which in European tradition can be described as hell, to the highest - paradise.

Six levels of being

A Dzi bead of 6 eyes helps a person to free himself from the suffering that lies in wait at 6 levels of existence. Each eye with this six-eyed Dzi corresponds to one of the levels or paths of being in which a person can be. Let's consider these levels in more detail.

  1. Hell. The lowest state of being. Hell can be defined as the state in which a person seeks to destroy both himself and everything that surrounds him. Rage and fury become the dominant and driving force. In this state of being, a person is completely deprived of any freedom and experiences indescribable suffering.

  2. Hunger. In this state, a person experiences huge and irresistible desires. It can be directly a feeling of hunger when he strives a lot and eat well. And also these are conditions when a person has an insatiable need to buy clothes, accumulate wealth, strive only for pleasures and long for glory. In this state, a person is tormented by such ruthless thirst and cannot satisfy this passion.

  3. Animalism. In this state, a person is guided only by animal instincts. Neither reason nor morality can restrain him from desires and actions.

  4. Anger. This is the state in which a man's ego prevails. In this state, a person despises others and strives to become higher than the rest.

  5. Humanity or calm. In this state, a person is calm and prudent, can control his instincts and desires. He acts reasonably, seeks to live in harmony with his environment and society.

  6. Paradise or bliss. A person can feel this state when his desire is fully realized. At that moment, he feels something similar. However, this condition passes quickly and does not last long.

Most people live jumping from one state to another, moving on this scale of states from hell to heaven. Typically, these conditions occur in humans under the influence of some external influences. Therefore, a person is very vulnerable to such influences and a Dzi 6 eye bead is simply necessary to protect against influences to which our responses arise.

A 6-eye Dzi bead helps its owner get out of these walks through 6 states of existence. It helps to leave their world, where aggression, anger, ignorance, frivolity and suffering reign.

6 excellence

A 6-eye Dzi bead helps its owner develop 6 paramitas (perfections). Paramita is an action that helps achieve liberation. The use of these 6 paramitas leads to enlightenment and exit from the series of reincarnations.

The six paramitas are as follows:

  1. Dana — charity or generosity. It can manifest itself as a gift of material things, but its best manifestation is the transfer of knowledge to other people about the nature of the mind and how to achieve enlightenment.

  2. Shila — discipline and awareness in life.

  3. Kshanti is the ability to be patient when being insulted or suffering. Act on the basis of circumstances, but be steady and not be angry.

  4. Virya — the ability to be hardworking on the way to your goal. At the same time, not giving in to despondency. This is a joyful journey.

  5. Dhyana — meditation or contemplation. This is one of the main tools for working with the mind to comprehend its true, deep nature.

  6. Prajnaparamita — wisdom. This is the ability to see the truth. This is the last perfection. Prajnaparamita is the ship that transports all thinking creatures across the ocean of Samsara to the shores of nirvana.

Thus, the Tibetan bead Dzi 6 eyes eliminates sadness and suffering in life and brings good luck to its owner. It helps to find what lies at the very foundation of happiness and helps improve karmic situations.


The 6-eyed Dzi is one of the best Tibetan beads for working people. It helps to eliminate problems that have arisen in you or in the office environment. They help to resolve the situation at work, where there is gossip, a struggle for power, hijacking employees, etc.

The Tibetan bead Dzi 6 eyes also helps those who seek self-knowledge, self-cultivation and spiritual practices. It helps to take control of negative emotions, calm the mind and bring harmony at every moment of existence in this world.

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