Bodhi Dzi Bead

Description and specificity of Dzi bead

The bead of Dzi Bodhi, as the name implies, represents the state of the Bodhi that Gautama Buddha reached over 2500 years ago. The word Bodhi translates as awakening or enlightenment. When this condition occurs, the following achievements occur:

  • Comprehending your past lives.

  • Understanding the secrets of karma and reincarnation.

  • The realization that liberation is achieved and there will be no more suffering, the cycle of samsara is completed and you do not have to go through the next incarnations on Earth.

Prince Siddhārtha Gautama attained enlightenment after prolonged meditation under the Bodhi tree. Now he is known as Shakyamuni Buddha, or Buddha, and is considered the founder of Buddhism.

Description and Application of Bodhi Dzi

The Dzi Bodhi Bead helps to develop virtues and eliminates misfortunes in your life. This bead helps to avoid the dangers and vicissitudes of fate. When wearing it, compassion, generosity and condescension to people grow. A person becomes wiser and more conscious. Dzi Bodhi assists in breaking free of the shackles of the wheel of samsara and attaining nirvana.

The Dzi Bodhi bead depicts a drawing resembling a tree. The Bodhi tree provided shelter and help to the Buddha when he sat under him in meditation. Therefore, the Bodhi tree is considered a sacred tree endowed with magical powers. It fulfills desires, provides protection and helps to achieve your goals.

Dzi Bodhi gives help in acquiring a mentor and help from strong and significant people. In Buddhist countries, the majority of students who pass important exams come to the Bodhi tree and ask for blessings for him to pass the exam. This symbol of the sacred tree helps to achieve excellent results in learning and learning new knowledge.


Dzi Bodhi bead helps to avoid difficulty and disaster. She is able to change someone's negative fate and turn her in a favorable direction. This Tibetan talisman protects from evil and evil intentions, patches spiritual wounds and helps to find wisdom and kindness.

The Dzi Bodhi Bead helps students and anyone who studies to learn the material better. If what you are learning is very difficult for you, then put on this Dzi. She will help you better cope with the study of difficult material and support your intention to learn new knowledge.

Wearing this Dzi helps those who seek self-improvement. It supports the pursuit of spiritual development and indicates the path to enlightenment. Carry a bead of Dzi Bodhi and simplify your path to learning new knowledge and achieving enlightenment.

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